Update your WordPress sites, please.

WordPress 4.4.1 was released recently, and it fixes many things, as noted here in the official blog post. It’s a security release, so please get right on updating all of your sites (or just turn on auto-update so you won’t have to worry about it). Of note (from the blog post linked earlier): Some sites […]

WordCamp US

I am in Philadelphia right now, typing this as I sit in a hotel, after having dinner with some awesome co-workers. I’m planning a trip with a co-worker to get coffee tomorrow on the way to the WordPress Community Summit. I am going to be learning (and contributing) on how better to help with growing […]

You should probably go to Philly

I’m headed to Philly in December (4th – 6th) to attend and volunteer at the first ever WordCamp US. I think that you should to. There’s a ton of reasons: You can learn a *ton* from all the amazing speakers that are lined up to give awesome talks. (Literally some of the best in the […]