WordCamp US

I am in Philadelphia right now, typing this as I sit in a hotel, after having dinner with some awesome co-workers. I’m planning a trip with a co-worker to get coffee tomorrow on the way to the WordPress Community Summit. I am going to be learning (and contributing) on how better to help with growing the community around WordPress, mainly in the area of events (WordCamps and Meetups). I am expecting so many more amazing co-worker/friends that are arriving later in the week, and all of it leads up to one thing: WordCamp US.

It’s going to be the biggest WordPress conference in the world. It’s going to have incredible sessions, an incredible venue, and incredible people attending. It’s something that I am really excited to volunteer for.

So basically I wrote all that to say this: You should be here. If you can’t physically make the trip to Philly (And you should if you can, since it’s going to be an incredible time of learning and making connections to a ton of people in the WordPress community), then at least try to catch the session on Livestream. You can read more, and get your tickets (both normal, and Livestream) here: https://2015.us.wordcamp.org/


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