You should probably go to Philly

I’m headed to Philly in December (4th – 6th) to attend and volunteer at the first ever WordCamp US. I think that you should to.

There’s a ton of reasons:

  • You can learn a *ton* from all the amazing speakers that are lined up to give awesome talks. (Literally some of the best in the world in their fields)
  • You can give back to WordPress by volunteering to help with the conference (helping people with their sites at the Happiness Bar is my personal favorite)
  • You can meet a lot of awesome people who share the vision to empower people to create online content (including all of my awesome coworkers who are going to be there). This is personally one of my favorite reasons to attend WordCamps, since I have a lot of friends from over the years at WordCamps.
  • You can eat some awesome food with my friends and I. (I literally have a custom Google Map with mainly food destinations on it). Ping me if you are wanting to get in on this. (you know you do)

If this all sounds as awesome to you as it does to me, you should go to the WordCamp website and check it out:

You can read more about why you should come join us here:


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