Tacos; because Texas.


Let me introduce you to a good friend of mine: the taco.

We’ve been in a relationship for a while now.

All kidding aside, if you are in Texas at some point, you should definitely go to Torchy’s Tacos if there is one around.

This is my second time going (the first was in Austin, when Shaun & Erica introduced me to it), but it was well worth the time spent finding this one in Amarillo. (Erica also told me about this one, so I consider her like my Taco guardian angel of some sort)

This particular taco is called the Trailer Park, and I (of course) ordered it trashy (which means I wanted the queso sauce instead of lettuce on it). It’s a fried chicken strip smothered in deliciousness on a tortilla.

Torchy’s has a pedigree among my Texas friends as well. It was recommended to me by Shayda (emphatically, I might add). I tend to trust her judgement in food, as we always end up eating good food at WordCamps. Torchy’s was also recently featured in my friend Sarah’s blog, which just served to make me want them again.

Although the trip was 16 hours from Rockford to Amarillo, I would consider this #worthit


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