WordCamp NYC

This weekend is going down like quite a few others during the year: with me attending a WordCamp.

Typically I enjoy speaking at WordCamps, or volunteering to work the Happiness Bar (helping anyone who wants help with their WordPress website), but this time I am just attending and being a friendly face at a WooCommerce booth.

I like to think that I am pretty friendly, and can hopefully provide a good interaction and impression for people new to WooCommerce, or those who’ve known us for a long time. I really enjoy spending time with our customers, and frankly love getting the feedback from them on how we are doing as a company, and what people think of our products.

It’s extremely valuable to get the honest perceptions of what customers (and potential customers) think about what we do. We learn some things that we do really well, and some things that we can improve on. We also get to hear some crazy stories about how people are using our software, which sometimes manages to blow my mind.

Probably my favorite thing about WordCamps is reconnecting with friends from around the world that I’ve met at other WordCamps. Some friends I see very rarely, while some I manage to see at almost every WordCamp I go to. Definitely the highlight for me.

So, all those paragraphs to say this: If you are in NYC, you should come to WordCamp tomorrow. I’ll be happy to meet you if we’ve not met before, or perhaps we have, in which case it’ll be good to catch up.



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